L'AINE Foundation


We have renewed our commitment to entrepreneurship development by increasing our programmes to cover Business Outreach, Mentoring, Consulting, Funding and the Entrepreneurship clubs.

Our Programs


At L’AINE Foundation, we believe experience and knowledge are key to the growth and success of startups in Ghana. This proves to be lacking in most startups and to aspiring entrepreneurs. L’AINE Foundation therefore offers consulting services in the area of HR, Marketing and Finance management at highly subsidized rates and free in some cases to startups and aspiring entrepreneurs in Ghana. Apply for our consulting service below:

Training & Mentoring

L’AINE Foundation has experts in the area of HR, Finance, Business Management, Marketing, Business Plan development that serve as resource persons in public and in-house training and networking programs for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. Apply for our training and or mentorship programs here:


At L’AINE Foundation, we know how challenging it can be for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs to develop that winning business plan for financing by venture capitalist and finance houses. Talk to us today and we can help you build a robust business plan to qualify for funds with investors in Ghana and beyond.

Research & Engagements

To develop the entrepreneurial traits in students and make them future entrepreneurs regardless of their interest, knowledge and skills acquired, L’AINE Foundation runs entrepreneurship club sessions, seminars in junior high schools within the community and organizes visits to Offices and industries.

The foundation is expected to expand these engagements to senior high school level and eventually the tertiary institutions in Ghana, as well as organize entrepreneurship competitions in schools across Ghana.

The foundation also plans on carrying out major startup research in Ghana to help guide stakeholders in the industry.

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Our dream to support entrepreneurs in West Africa and beyond can be realized with your help.