L’AINE FOUNDATION is a registered nonprofit, non-governmental organisation limited by guarantee that supports entrepreneurs (startups) and aspiring entrepreneurs across Ghana.

Why Support Us?

When you join L’AINE Foundation, you become part of a team of talented, dedicated professionals who take great pride in working together toward a common goal – creating high-quality, distinctive, efficient operations that meet MSMEs’ needs. Our operations are carried out through the multi-disciplined collaboration of people who work and solve problems together over long periods of time, so teamwork and cooperation are a priority.

At L’AINE Foundation, we believe our principal resource is the talent of our employees. And we nurture, recognize, and reward that talent to reap the best possible return on investment in SMEs. Consequently, we screen prospective employees carefully to identify those individuals who reflect the basic values of the L’AINE Foundation. 

Successful job candidates typically meet or exceed the minimum education and experience requirements of the position, with a proven track record of achievement and success in both arenas. They come highly recommended by personal and professional references.

Support Our Cause!

Our dream to support entrepreneurs in West Africa and beyond can be realized with your help.