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Developing world class entepreneurs

As the corporate social responsibility component of the L’AINE Services, a Human Resource Development Organization, the L’AINE Foundation was incorporated formally in 2010 to assist disadvantaged would be entrepreneurs, tertiary institution students, existing micro and small scale entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial training. To date, the foundation has provided training for more than 100 entrepreneurs including student entrepreneurs, building their capacities so they can write review their business plans, manage their finances, access markets both locally and internationally, grow and manage customers, build business networks and sustain them, How to hire, and keep the best people, and information systems.

Mooted initially to assist candidates who were cut to run their own entrepreneurial ideas than work for structured existing companies, the main objective of the foundation is to create more jobs and reduce poverty. Young people, especially women in Ghana are growing up in a difficult economic environment with limited opportunities for decent work.

Despite this fact, many young people do gain employment either by working for others or, more typically, by establishing their own businesses. But the potential of Young people and women entrepreneurs is not being fully realized. Existing entrepreneurs are often successful in spite of the myriad constraints they face, such as ineffective regulatory frameworks, lack of business skills, training and mentoring, access to finance and even negative stereotypes which still persist in large parts of the country.

The majority of would-be entrepreneurs efforts are thwarted by these obstacles, never seeing their often promising ideas and dynamic energy translate into products, profits and jobs. Women face more constraints to becoming entrepreneurs than men. These were the major reasons that propelled L’AINE Service to establish the L’AINE Foundation.

To the proponents of the L’AINE Foundation, a larger and more productive private sector is a necessity if Ghana is to experience sustainable development. Private sector-led growth will create more and better employment for Ghanaians growing youth population. Employment will reduce poverty, improve the standards of living for Ghanaians and create the basis for sustainable development and for reaching the Millennium Development Goals.

Today, we have renewed our commitment to entrepreneurship development by increasing our programmes to cover Business Outreach, Mentoring, Consulting, Funding and the ENTREPAD whilst pursuing our training programmes. We will continue to reassess our mission. We do so, ever mindful of fulfilling our stewardship in a way that most clearly reflects the principles of entrepreneurship, the foundation upon which our work is built.